International Journal For Research In Mathematics And Statistics
Volume 1 | Issue 1 | 2015
ISSN: 2208-2662

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Towards ICT Integration in Mathematics Instruction: Prospective Teachers’ Knowledge for Teaching with Technology
Wilson Osafo Apeanti
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The Use of 25-Grid Point of 3D Biharmonic Equation in Human Face Recognition
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Jackknife Algorithm on Linear Regression Estimation
Esemokumo Perewarebo Akpos, Bekesuoyeibo Rebecca, Okenwe Idochi
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A Study on Factors Affecting the Cure of Tuberculosis Infection in Nigeria via Three Factor ANOVA
Egbo Mary Nkechinyere, Opara Jude, Iheagwara Andrew I.
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Comparison of Different Methods of Outlier Detection in Univariate Time Series Data
Egbo Mary Nkechinyere, Iheagwara Andrew I., Okenwe Idochi
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