International Journal For Research In Biology & Pharmacy
Volume 2 | Issue 4 | April 2016
ISSN: 2208-2093

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A New Process of Standardization for Promising Antioxidant Herbal Formulation of Momordica charantia Linn. (Family- Cucurbitaceae ) by using several parameters and Analytical techniques.
Subhajit Ghosh, Dr.Hanumanthachar Joshi, Dr.P.N.Murthy, Dhirendra Kumar Tarai
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Production of amylase by Penicillium sp. using solid state fermentation method and inexpensive agricultural residues
Anupama P. Pathak, Sachin B. Devkatte, Mukundraj G. Rathod
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Sweet air flux in Indian Savanna
Dr. Parag Dalal
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Characterization of thermophilic bacterium: a compost pile isolate.
Anupama Pathak, Joice Gavali, Mayuri Sarsar, Priyanka Panchal
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